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Solange's Breaks Beauty Standards

Posted on November 18 2014


Solange Knowles tied the knot in New Orleans this weekend and in true Solange style she marched to the beat of her own drum. While one women attempted to #BreakTheInternet by showing her ASSets Solange was busy breaking not only the internet but European beauty standards with an Afro-chic all ivory everything wedding. 

"One by they bloomed in my afro, and stayed there until I danced them away." - Solange Knowles-Ferguson



While we were swooning over the regal photos of Solo and her hair others were voicing their disapproval of her big fro.




We really see how ugly people get when mainstream European beauty standards are rejected. Those who advocate for European beauty standards fail to realize adhering to those standards means rejecting the beauty black women naturally have. Instead of black women putting themselves and their hair through unhealthy chemical processes to make other people comfortable people need to become comfortable embracing black beauty.


Solange makes us representing #REALgirlsREALcurlsREALbeauty


Tell us what you think. Was Solo's afro hot or should she have defined her curls?


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