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10 Natural Hair Habits To Leave In 2014

Posted on December 31 2014



New Year's is right around the corner and we've composed a list of natural hair habits to leave in 2014.


1. Dry Hair
Kiss dry hair goodbye and ring in the new year with maximum moisture.  To maintain a healthy moisture balance stick to a consistent wash day routine and night routine that keeps your natural hair hydrated. 

2. Cotton Pillowcases
Sleeping on cotton pillowcases sucks the moisture from your hair (and are counterproductive to a moisturizing night regimen). Throw those cotton pillowcases away and swap them out for satin. 

3. Sulfates
Sulfates are detergents found in cleansers and are known for stripping the hair of moisture.  Use a sulfate free shampoo for a gentle wash that doesn't strip your hair.  

4. Parabens
Parabens are preservatives and are used to prevent bacteria and mold from forming in your hair products. Parabens are linked to the development of cancerous cells especially in women. While we cringe at the thought of green things floating in your products we know there are alternative preservatives that are healthier.

5. Mineral Oil
Mineral oil has been a subject of debate. Some people use to seal in moisture and others run away from it because it can also seal out moisture and prevent it from entering the hair shaft. Instead of mineral oil we suggest trying a natural sealer like castor oil or argan oil. 

6. Texturizers 
Don't believe the hype. There are NO products that loosen your curl without chemically breaking the bonds of your hair shaft and leading to potential damage.  If you're looking for a way to manage kinky curly hair try a stretched style like a twist out or braid out.

7. Hand In Hair Syndrome
This is a hard one to overcome.  We know you love your curls and you can't stop touching them but try to resist the urge.  Touching your hair can lead to frizz, over manipulation, and breakage.  Instead set it and forget it. If you want to admire your curls, just take a peek in the mirror.

8. Perfect Hair
The quest for the perfect curl is common among newly naturals. We'll let you in on a little secret...Your hair is already PERFECT. Stop stressing over poppin' curls and work with what you have.

9. Curl Envy
It seems that everyone always wants what they don't have.  Women who have loose curls who want a tighter kinkier texture and vice versa. Women who have short hair want long hair and women with long hair want to ease of short hair.  Here's the trick to eliminating curl envy - enjoy every stage of your hair journey.  If you see a style you like try it and once your over it move on to the next stage.

10. Negative Thoughts About Your Hair
For years women have been told that natural hair is nappy, matted, unattractive and we were foolish enough to believe it.  It stops here.  Eliminate negative thoughts and associations with your hair and don't let anyone, even yourself, talk down about your hair. Your hair defies gravity, is versatile, strong, and beautiful.  Your hair is a reflection of who you are and what stage your life is in.  Your hair is your crown and glory so lift your head and wear it proudly.


Now it's your turn. Tell us what bad hair habits are you leaving in 2014??


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  • Neen: January 02, 2015

    Embracing the hair God gave me!!! I plan on cutting and getting a color to give pop and style. This year I want to learn to manage and take care of my hair while learning to love the texture and curls I have.

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