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Natural Hair Challenges To Try In 2015

Posted on January 08 2015


Natural hair challenges are a fun way to incorporate healthy hair habits into your regimen.  Check out these  challenges that will inspire you to make maintaining healthy hair a priority this year. 


Growth Challenge 

To participate in the growth challenge just pick a day of the month ande measure your hair on the same day of each month (example - 1st of each month).  Make sure you measure the front, back, sides, and hair in the crown of your head to get a full perspective of your growth. Give you hair an added growth boost by adding in vitamin supplements to increase growth like biotin and MSM. 


Castor Oil Challenge

The Castor Oil Challenge is similar to growth challenge because Castor Oil is used to stimulate growth.  Simply incorporate castor oil into your routine at lease 3 times per week.  You can apply your scalp and massage (focusing on the edges where breakage is common), add it to your favorite hair product, use it for an oil rinse, or use it to seal your ends.  Measure your growth through photos to see how much growth you have achieved especially in your weaker areas


Protective Style Challenge

This challenge is also about growth. The goal is to wear your hair in protective styles for a set amount of time to give your hair an opportunity to grow without the constant manipulation. Some protective styles you can try are flat twists, mini-twists, chunky twists, and buns. Be careful if you choose protective styles that use weave like sew-ins, faux locs, and crochet braids. While those are great protective styles if you keep your hair in a protective style for too long it can be counter-productive and lead to breakage.  Make sure you maintain a regimen for cleaning and moisturizing your hair while wearing a protective style. Also, give your hair a rest between each protective style we suggest 1 - 2 weeks. 


No Heat Challenge

This is one of our personal faves.  This challenge means you can not put any direct heat on your natural hair.  Using heat for blowouts and flat ironing the hair can cause excessive dryness, breakage and heat damage. Eliminating heat will help to strengthen and grow your hair.  Try braid outs and banding if you want to stretch your hair and reduce shrinkage.  You can also try mini-twists which give you length and a variety of styling options.  Tip - You determine what type of heat you want to eliminate we personally think sitting under a dryer or steamer during a deep conditioning session does not count as heat.


Sound off & let us know which challenges you are participating in this year. 




  • Dana: November 23, 2015

    Hello ladies,
    When will there be a challenge for 2016?

  • Christina J: January 17, 2015

    Great ideas! I’m doing the castor oil challenge with jbco. I loved it last year and the health I my hair has been the best it’s ever been. So I will continue to do so this year. I’m also incorporating protectove styles in my regimen like mini twists and flat twists.

  • shae: January 11, 2015

    Hey ladies, first off good luck to those of you who have accepted challenges. I myself will be participating in the growth challenge and no heat. I will be taking natures valley hair vitamins, deep condition once a week, moisturize daily, and finger comb only.

  • Ruby: January 10, 2015

    I am going to try all the challenges. The hardest for me is going to be the growth challenge because everytime I say I’m going to let my hair grow I get the great idea to cut it. But no scissors in 2015. Also going to transition my daughter’s hair back to natural. She has had a texturizer for 3 years but has always missed her natural curls. So I’m excited & nervous about that because she’s a preteen & we know how difficult that can b in itself.

  • Char: January 09, 2015

    I’ll be participating in all of these challenges! They are all things I wanted to do this new year plus a deep conditioning challenge as I want to deep condition every week this year. Castor oil is the one thing I’ve never done before.

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