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5 Curly Hair Habits to Leave in 2016

Posted on January 10 2017

If you are like most women with curly hair you've set hair goals for the New Year. However, you may not have considered what you need to stop doing to achieve your natural hair goals. These habits should be eliminated from your curl care routine immediately.

Chemical Straighteners

I am all about kissing straight hair goodbye and saying hello to seductive curls. Hell, it is my motto. However, if you are a girl who likes to straighten your curls every now and then thats fine. However, I beg you to step away from the chemical straightening products. Relaxers, perms, or whatever you call them are not your friend. They are made to break down the curls and essentially break down your hair making it weak, dry, and brittle. The chemical ingredients wreak havoc burning scabs into your scalp and damaging the hair strands and follicles. Please do yourself a favor and leave chemical straighteners in 2016.

Complex Hair Care Regimens

Speaking of kissing use the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple sexy) when creating a hair care regimen. You shouldn't spend more than 30 minutes per day on your style and no more than 2 hours to wash and style your hair. If you are guilty of using an ungodly amount of products to style your hair your regimen is too complex. Decrease the number of products you use in your hair by adding multi-use products into your regimen, like Dirty Curl Cleansing and Conditioning Clay. This not only saves you time but it'll also reduce the buildup in your hair while decreasing the total amount of money spend on hair products and it will free up space in your bathroom. My wash day collection cleans, conditions and moisturizes your curls with multi-use products that last numerous uses. Less is more, less frequent manipulation and fewer products. 

Dry Curls

The enemy of all naturally curly hair is lack of moisture. Moisturizing your hair starts from the moment you wash your curls. Stop using cleansers that strip the moisture from your hair and replace them with moisturizing cleansers that hydrate your natural hair. I personally love the L.O.C. / L.C.O. method for restoring moisture to brittle tresses. You can also moisturize your hair from the inside out by drinking more water. You should aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. So, if you weigh 200 pounds you need to drink 100 ounces every day. Your body needs water to function and when you are dehydrated water will be routed to the vital areas of your body first and your curls will be high and dry.

Split Ends

Split ends and knots are annoying. They develop in the ever so fragile ends and work their way up shredding your strands. Stop split ends by getting regular trims every 8 - 12 weeks (more frequently if you comb, manipulate or use heat on your hair). Avoid skipping trims by scheduling all of your salon visits for the year now. In between salon visits treat your curls to a hot oil treatment applied to your scalp and hair to combat split ends and knots. I apply warm Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil before washing my hair and sit under the steamer (or dryer if you don't have a steamer) for 20 minutes. 

Curl Envy

There is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of someone else's hair. However, never love anyone's hair more than you love yours. If you are struggling to love your hair set aside time to learn about your hair texture, how to care for your curls and find styles that suite your unique curl pattern and length. It breaks my heart when I hear women say they can't wear their hair curly because it's to frizzy, kinky, or not curly enough. Embrace the curls you have and flaunt your sexy curls well into 2017 and beyond.

What bad hair habits are you leaving in 2016? 


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