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2016 Curly Hair Resolutions

Posted on January 22 2016

Now that 2015 is over, it's the perfect time to plan your hair goals for the year and determine what hair trends to leave behind. Everyone has different hair goals depending on where you are with your natural hair journey. With a little discipline and the help of the right products, you can crush your hair goals.

Instead of trying every natural hair challenge this year, we urge you to simply focus on healthy hair. Why you ask? Well, when you focus on health, all the other goals will come naturally. No matter if you are wearing a protective style of if you have loose curls, the health of your hair should be most important. Start with examining the current condition of your hair to see if anything has changed. Your hair is a direct reflection of your lifestyle, so if your hair is experiencing a new or unusual condition, determine the cause and address it in your hair care regimen. For example, if your are experiencing severe dryness (more than normal) increase your water intake and switch up your moisture process to include the L.O.C. or L.C.O. method. Asses your complete hair routine (wash day and nightly) and see if there are any steps that can be added or eliminated. Make sure each step adds value to your process and the condition of your hair, and eliminate those that don't. Next examine your detangling methods and determine if there is an alternative option that will decrease the amount of shed hair and time spent detangling. Finally plan out the styles you want to wear this year. Make sure that the style doesn't cause damage to your hair or edges. Give yourself time to install any protective styles and make sure you care for your hair while wearing a protective style.

We couldn't end this without telling you to stop jumping on every hair trend that you hear about. Everything isn't for everyone and some hair trends (like inversion method for hair growth) are just silly (it may work but it's not that serious). Make sure you leave jumping on hair trends in 2015 along with cotton pillowcases and stressing over perfect hair.

Tell us your hair resolutions and what you want to leave in 2015?


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