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Feathered Mini Twists

Posted on January 25 2016

Our newest obsession are mini twists...with a twist. We refer to them as loose feathered mini twists and they are inspired from the Quann sisters of Urban Bush Babes. With loose feathered twists there are no defined parts and you can’t see the scalp. This method allows you to mimic your natural hair texture and the way your hair flows. The twists are sexy, full and will make everyone do a double take.

How do you achieve these gorgeous twists? No worries love, we break it down for you. Cleanse and condition your hair using the Dirty Curl Cleansing And Conditioning Clay (click the link for the info. on this dirty little secret). Detangle and follow it up with a moisture regimen, try the L.C.O. method, using the Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil to seal with. Next, separate your hair into 5–8 large sections and pin them up. Take down one section at a time and pinch (do not part) a small/micro section of that hair and begin creating very loose twists. Give the ends a twirl and you’re done. Repeat this process for your entire head until it’s complete. Viola – loose feathered mini twists.

Maintaining them is a breeze. Moisturize and create 6 to 8 big sections. Then, two strand twist each section before bed and cover w/ a satin scarf. Take the big twists down the next morning, give it a little fluff and you’re good to go. If you want to get fancy, you can bantu knot the twists which will give you a curly look when you take them down. It will have a bit more body and your sexy curls will pop. You can retouch and re-twist the mini twists if they get frizzy and keep them in for just about 4-6 weeks.

Have you worn mini twists before? What are your tips and tricks for maintaining this style?


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