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Sacred Sisterhood

Written by Nadja Renise


Posted on August 08 2017

True friends are hard to come by.

I bet you can count on one hand how many REAL friends you have and you may not need all your fingers. That's because real friends are rare. The bond shared between friends is sacred. A friend is someone who understands you when you haven't spoken a single word. Friends support your crazy ass ideas, love you when you feel unlovable, teach you the life lessons you have yet to experience, laugh at your corny jokes, push you to your limit all in the name of growth, celebrate your glo' up, hug you when you cry, and call you out on your bullshit. 

Sometimes we get busy and the days, weeks, and months pass since we've seen or spoken to our friends. Life is busy. We navigate their careers, love life, raise children, struggle to find our voice and perform miracles daily. It's hard being a woman.

That's where friendship and sisterhood comes in. Real sisterhood involves taking care of and holding space for each other. Take a moment to escape from all the chaos of life and reconnect with your friends. Schedule a girls night to catch up and check in on the lives of your friends. Toast to their accomplishments and laugh until your stomach hurts.

Having trouble finding true friends? Try these tips

1. Reconnect with old friends and see if you have anything in common at this stage in your life. Then ask them if there is anyone you should meet and have them attend your next get together.

2. Find and do things you love to do (yoga, book club...). While you're there connect with other like minded women. Use to find people in your area with similar interests.

3. To be interesting, be interested. Take time to be genuinely interested in the people you meet, you're likely to discover things you have in common. In turn they will be interested in you.

Take time to nourish your friendships and know that no matter how much you give to the sisterhood you'll always get more back. Together we are a sisterhood of phenomenal woman and a blessing to each other. As Ryan says at the close of the movie Girls Trip, "our girlfriends are our constant," and that's something to be thankful for.






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