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Secrets To A Sexy Bedroom

Posted on February 08 2017

There is nothing like coming home to a room that is enticing. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can escape from your troubles and retreat into your personal paradise. It should make you feel sexy every time you enter and be difficult to leave. With just a few small tweaks you can transform your bedroom into a romantic getaway. 

Clean & Organize

A cluttered room is not only not sexy, it's a complete turn off. Keep your room clean by untangling cords, picking up clothes, vacuuming, dusting and getting all of the items hiding under your bed (keeping items under your bed is a recipe for bad ju ju). To keep organized place bins inside your nightstand to keep your personal and intimate items out of sight but close in reach. To clean your mattress sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and essential oil (I love ylang ylang oil for it's fragrance and because it's an aphrodisiac) on it and let it sit for 1 - 2 hours. Cover the mattress with fresh sheets and/or a mattress pad. Vacuum up the mixture the next time you change your sheets and repeat the process. 

Every day make a habit to reset your bedroom. To reset your room pick up any clothes off the floor and on the bed, put away your electronics, and make sure your nightstands aren't cluttered with personal items, electronics, keys or any other trinkets. In the morning make up your bed and put your sleepwear away so when you return to your bedroom it is clean. 


Kiss the school girl style goodbye and up level your bedroom decor with a style makeover. Tap into your personal style and add character by adding pops of texture and patterns. Try velvet and silk fabric and contrast it with smooth wood or sleek metal tables and accessories. Make your comfortable soft and fluffy to the touch and make your sheets and pillows silky smooth (bonus satin pillowcases and sheets keep your skin moisturized and soft). You can also choose fabrics for the drapes and throws that add texture. To really evoke a sensual mood add animal prints to a rug, pillow, or accessory. Add texture to your walls with wallpaper on all or one wall for an accent. Add accent furniture like a comfy and luxe chaise or chair for lounging.


Accentuate with accessories that enhance the mood of your bedroom but don't overpower the room. Animal prints are a great way to introduce sensuality. An animal figurine for book ends or a spotted vase that resembles a cheetah print allows you to incorporate an animal print and accessorize at the same time. You can also choose accessories that serve as a catch all for jewelry, coins and any other small items. Focus on accessories that have a circular or curved shape instead of geometric shapes. Curved objects are more sensual because they can be associated with the curves of a woman's body.  Finish off your room with a bold exotic water color painting above the head of your bed or a unique piece from your favorite artist.


Paint your walls in deep colors that set the mood. Jewel tone colors are a great option (purple, green, blue, black, gold, and even silver) and if you prefer lighter colors try lighter more feminine shades of the same colors (lavender, warm greens and blues, brown and rose). You can also opt for a chic neutral grey and add deep tones for your bedspread, furniture, and accessories. Bring it pops of color by adding live plants for greenery and flowers that bloom in jewel tone colors. Plants like lavender and jasmine add a hint color, release a light fragrance, thrive in low light and are known to induce sleep and decrease anxiety.


Most bedrooms use a 3 point lighting system that includes 2 lamps and 1 ceiling fixture. Try lamps that omit a low indirect light the area. If you're not into lamps scones provide a soft illumination and act as wall art. Replace you big intrusive ceiling light with one that provides a soft clean light and is connected to a dimmer. Splurge on your ceiling light and choose a piece that adds texture, evokes conversation, sets the mood and reinforces your style. Also, always have candles readily available. They smell great and are an erotic source of soft light. Not to mention, EVERYONE looks sexy in candlelight. To create a visual centerpiece with candles use naked candles (candles that are not in containers) with varying heights to add depth and place them on a tray that will catch the melted wax preventing it from spilling over causing a fire hazard. 


Despite what cheap hotels suggest, mirrors on the ceiling are not sexy. However, a large standing or wall mirror can be sexy. It allows you to watch yourself during your romantic encounters and can be moved at your leisure. If you're self conscious remember your silhouette will look great in candlelight and add to your excitement. Plus standing mirrors add light to your room and give you an opportunity to check yourself out before heading out for the day. 


Music is the finishing touch to a sexy bedroom. Songs with a slow tempo and deep beats are essential for setting the mood. Create a seductive playlist with music that starts out mid tempo and gradually slows down. Not sure on what songs to choose? Don't worry, I send out playlists to everyone on my email list every few months. Join my list by leaving your email in the bar at the bottom right of this page. I'll deliver a playlist to you inbox with the promise of more to come.

There are many things in life you can't control, your bedroom is not one of them. Take control of your bedroom and transform it into an alluring oasis. Your bedroom serves two purposes sleep and sex. I promise a sexy bedroom ambience will lead to better sleep and even better sex!

How are you going to turn up the heat in your bedroom? 


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