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Spring Rituals For A Fresh Start

Posted on March 21 2017

Spring is officially in the air as yesterday marked the vernal equinox also known as the first day of spring. Spring is a time of rebirth. After months of lying dormant during the cold months life will begin to reawaken to longer days. Celebrate the transition to spring with these rituals that will renew your mind, restore your life, and awaken your senses.


One of the most common yoga flows is the sun salutation sequence. Sun salutations are a great way to celebrate the sun shining longer than it did in the previous seasons. Sun salutations are the perfect way to start your day, stretch your body and to focus on being present throughout the day. 


During the first days of spring the sun and moon shine for equal parts of the day and night, which is a representation of balance. Take some time to meditate on balance within your life. Where is your life out of balance and what can you do to realign you life. Eat healthier, practice self care, love more, work less...meditate to discover where your need to shift to find balance then set some intentions to make it a reality.


For most people spring cleaning is about cleaning out your closet, garage or an area of your home you've neglected. This year take cleaning a step further. Remove the things from your life that no longer represent who you are or add joy to your life. That could be old clothes, makeup, hair products, old books... It doesn't have to end there, take a day to incorporate a seasonal digital cleanse. Removing all the digital noise you've allowed into your space is a relief because so much time is spent online.  If the sight of your inbox stresses you delete old emails, if your social media feed is overwhelming stop following so many accounts. Need to release yourself from financial constraints?  Refinance your home or student loan payments before interest rates increase (hint they've already started to increase). You can decrease your expenses by cancelling cable and using an internet based tv service. Review your credit report and remove (dispute or pay off) any outstanding debts. If you can't pay all of your debts create a monthly budget so you can pay them off ASAP.  If you have friends or family who you no longer vibe with release yourself from the relationship, it's okay to love people from a distance. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be limited to house.


Once you've released everything that doesn't serves you treat yourself to flowers. Flowers are a representation of a new beginning. Treat yourself to a fresh bouquet or two of flowers to add beauty and sweet aromas to your home. Make sure to place them in a high traffic area so you'll notice it and in an intimate area so you can be inspired by how sensual they are. If you like to garden plant some flowers or herbs and watch them bloom.

These simple steps can help you dance into the spring feeling lighter and more refreshed. What are you doing to renew yourself this spring? 



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