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The LOC Method

Posted on April 07 2015



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It's no secret that dry hair is the ENEMY to #naturalhair. Dry hair will turn a head of beautiful curls to a brittle broken mess. Moisturizing #naturalhair doesn't have to be a battle. The best way to keep you hair moisturized is with a little L-O-C aka The LOC Method.  What is The LOC Method? It’s an acronym that stands for… L – Leave-In (or liquid) O – Oil C – Cream. The LOC Method is about layering products on your hair to seal in moisture.


Using The LOC Method effectively starts with wash day.  If you have completed your wash day routine and your hair is damp you have already completed step one - Liquid / Leave In. You can take it a step further to really seal in the moisture from the water and apply a leave-in conditioner to your strands. We suggest Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner (Tip - Use a leave-in conditioner that has water as the first ingredient as water is the best moisturizer for hair). Step two - Oil. Apply your favorite oil to prevent water from evaporating from your strands.  You can use any oil but our favorite is the Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil. (Tip - oil itself is not a moisturizer, it's used to lock in moisture). Step three - Cream. Apply a cream based product to add a final layer of moisture. Choose a cream that works best with your hair type like Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer.  (Tip - for fine hair select a light cream and use a small amount and coarse hair select a heavy cream or butter and use enough to cover your strands). Once you've completed The LOC Method you can style as normal; try a chunky twist out or a rod set for super defined ringlets.  


If it's not wash day you can still use The LOC Method. Just dampen your hair with a spray bottle or apply a leave-in conditioner without rewetting your hair. Then apply an oil on top of the leave-in and use your favorite styling cream last. Proceed to styling or setting your hair for bed. You can use this method as often as you need to.  We suggest nightly or every other night and re-twisting as needed. When you wake untwist and viola moisturized curls. Oh and if the LOC method doesn't work for you, try the LCO method.  It's the same concept you just switch the order and apply the cream second and the oil as the final product. 

Use the LOC method with the #CurlsUncensored Moisture Trio for super hydrated curls and kinks. 


How do you feel about The LOC Method?  Love it or nah??? 


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