• How Oils Are Making Your Hair Dry


    Imagine walking around with greasy dry hair. Sounds crazy to have greasy dry hair but it is possible and we promise you it’s not sexy. When you don’t use oils properly, they can make your hair dry. Here’s a little secret how to keep your hair moisturized so you can have sexy curls.  

  • Secrets To Protective Styling

    Do you ever get tired of doing your hair every day? Have you felt like you want to give your hair a break from the daily wear and tear? Try a protective style to give you and your hair a break.

  • Big Chop vs Transitioning


    So you've decided to break up with chemically straightening your hair and start a relationship with your natural curls. If you’re an all or nothing kind of girl and you are not afraid of commitment then the big chop is the best way to go. If you like to take things slow in new relationships and believe you will have a hard time adjusting then transitioning is the perfect way to gradually ease into natural hair.

  • The Language of Natural Hair

    The natural hair community has it's own lingo. A secret code that allows curly girls to talk among themselves. A specific set of acronyms and words that add to the culture of natural hair. Since you're one of us (a member of the curly girls club) we want to make sure you're up on all the natural hair lingo. 

  • Natural Hair Fundamentals


    The journey to natural hair is exciting but it's also overwhelming as new products, techniques, and styles are always emerging.  We've streamlined the process & created a video series that will make returning to your natural hair effortless and fun. Check out the first two videos in our Natural Hair Fundamental Series: 

    Part 1 - How To Go Natural

    Part 2 - Hair Tools & Accessories

  • The Break Up

    Breaking up is so hard to do but so necessary.  As we get closer to February (the month of love) we want to help you break up with negative people that do not add value to the person you are and the love you have for yourself, your hair, and your natural beauty. Next time someone or something negative finds it's way into your life, just send them the break up letter.