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I've had the pleasure of sharing my beauty treats with femmes worldwide with a mission to making each and every woman fall in love with themselves. Here's what they say about my products.


At first I didn't try my products right away. I had other products I wanted to finish up before trying something new. Then I tried something else before Femme Noire and my hair was horrible. So, I had reservations about giving up what I know for something new. When I finally tried these products, my hair LOVED THEM!!!! The Dirty Curl Cleanser made my hair so soft and clean and my curls were popping and moisturized, right out the gate. Then I followed up with the Knotty Nectar Leave In which kept my hair hydrated beyond recognition. At this point, I am in my mirror questioning who 's hair is this because I haven't experienced this in a product line (I always grab what works from a line and keep it moving) back to the review lol. Then I proceed with the Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil. This oil felt so good on my hair and scalp and very absorbing. Lastly I used the Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer. This cream actually melts into an oil, which I was nervous because I already have an oil in my hair and I didn't want my hair to be greasy looking. Boy was I wrong! Everything meshed together and after I styled and let my hair rest over night, the next day, my hair was so soft from my roots to ends. I love it and am so amazed!!! My hair loves these products! It is worth the investment. And the smell... Please don't get me started lol. One word to describe the smell...Delicious!!! Looking forward to getting my shipment!!! -Charletta B. 


Love the products. This is my second time ordering. Love it, the best oil, I use it every other day. My hair is super soft. Will all rebuy again for sure. My hair is soft, has shine and is healthy. To whomever is reading this, invest your money on Femme Noire, your hair will thank you everyday.  -Geoline A.


Very moisturizing for my daughter's 3c 4a hair. I will definitely be reordering the whole line.  -Samirah H.


Love the box especially the refresher spray which is a go-to for me! Thanks!  -Ruth F.


Products came quickly. It was everything I expected and more.  -Jessalyn M.


Very good light leave-in conditioner.  -Christine E.


Love it, products are wonderful.  -Annie F. 


Love this leave in!!! It detangles my hair with ease and leaves a nice shine to my hair as well. The smell is amazing which is always a plus.  -Crystal B.


I love Femme Noire! The leave in conditioner is one of the best products I have used so far. It doesn't dry out my hair at all. All of the products are so moisturizing and it smells just like chocolate. So in love with them.  -Chanel H.


Fabulous product. A little goes a long, long way. My teenage son even loves to use it because of the chocolate smell :)  -Patricia J.


I love the Femme Noire line. The customer service is also excellent as I recently experienced a small mishap with my order. It was corrected promptly and I'm extremely satisfied!  -Cheryl M.


I like it. I see a difference in my daughter's hair already..  -Temeka C.


My hair felt so smooth after I used the hair mask. The oil and leave in conditioner were amazing. I’m a satisfied customer!  -Patricia M.


I am in love with this collection. My favorite is the Knotty Nectar. This leave-in paired with my favorite twisting cream delivers moisturized coils and a beautiful twist out. The Flower Bomb is light and a smells wonderful. It is not overpowering at ALL. I use this in the morning when fluffing my hair for the day to provide a healthy sheen to my hair. The Sweet Cream is a butter I use at night between my twisting nights. I apply an ample amount and massage my scalp, toss on my bonnet and go to bed. I am hooked. These products are not heavy on my hair. I am a 4B hair type and my hair is medium coarseness. These products give me just what my hair needs without weighing it down. These are staple products. My review on the Cleansing Clay is pending since I haven't tried it yet. Judging from the products I have tired, I believe I will love this one as well.  -Daphne E.


I love Femme Noire. So far what I've received has been a hit for me.  -Natashya M.


I recently received the Natural Hair Starter Kit. This is a wonderful, extensive and well thought out collection of hair care tools. Femme Noire really knows hair care. The items in this kit are really going to support me in taking the best care of my hair. Thank you so much Femme Noire!!  -Lesia W.


Femme Noire has yet to disappoint. Excellent products as well as fantastic customer service.  -Sophia G.


I am so in love with this products. It makes my hair so soft and manageable. My curls are defined. I definitely recommend recommend it to a friend.  -Florence V.


Very excited about the products. Love the clay shampoo & moisturizers smell great.  -Ruby W.


Works well on thick, kinky hair. Keeps hair soft and shiny.  -Evelyn G.


Luv everything about it. It will definitely become a staple.  -Terrie B.


My dry parched hair days became a thing of the past once I discovered this goodness in a jar. I never knew my twist outs had the potential to be so soft until this product. This stuff right here just melted into my strands and left my hair feeling extremely soft and moisturized. I have thick 3 c/4 a hair and my tresses retained moisture for a good three to four days before I had to re-moisturize my hair. This is a holy grail for me.  -Shalyn R. 


I loved it! I try it with the the perm rods and my curls are popping. Definitely I will purchase the whole line. My hair feels soft, healthier, and strong. I love love. Definitely I will recommend it to anyone who's doing natural and who wants defined curls.  -Florence V.