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Femme Noire

CurlsUncensored Moisture Trio

$ 64.00


Sultry and playfully provocative natural hair products that will give you a curlgasm!! This sexy 3 piece moisture trio will penetrate every strand and hydrate every twist, curl, and kink. All items are made with rich oils and butters that will seduce your hair and the chocolate fragrance will entice your senses and make you fall in LUST...ahem we mean LOVE.  Perfect for the LOC or LCO moisture regimen. 

GET KNOTTY and give your hair the moisture it craves. Knotty Nectar  Leave-In Conditioner made with Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera Juice that makes your tresses juicy and oh so sexy.

GET LEI'D with Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil made with Ylang Ylang Flower Oil and Coconut Oil and will strengthen your hair and make your garden blossom.

GET CREAMY with Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer made with a lush fusion of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter that quenches hair that will make you kiss dry hair goodbye.*


1- Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer* - 8 oz.
1 - Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner - 8 oz.
1 - Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil - 8 oz.


*This product is made from natural oils and butters and can melt when exposed to heat.  To restore to it's original state screw the lid on tight and place the jar in a bowl of hot water it fully melts. Remove from hot water and allow to cool to room temp. Once it's reached room temperature, gently stir with a plastic utensil until it reaches a smooth texture. Place in refrigerator until the cream begins to solidify. Remove from refrigerator and allow cream to return to room temperature (or leave it in the refrigerator during the hottest months for a cool treat).