Make Him Fall In Love With Your Naturally Curly Hair


Making the transition from straight hair to embracing your naturally curly texture can be an emotional period. You can go from being excited about this new change to being nervous about how you will look and to being scared of how your friends, family, and your bae will respond. Many women confess that they are afraid their Mister will dislike their “new look” or that they won’t be able to find love because the “Barbie doll” image (you know the look fake hair, body, fake every damn thing) is what is considered beautiful. Well, cast your fears aside because we are going to let you in on our secrets for making your significant other fall in love with your curls.

First, talk with bae before you make any changes. Make your significant other feel included and valued by getting his feedback. Share how you’re planning to make this change (transition, big chop…) and the show him pictures of the type of styles you want wear during the transition. Be sure to show pics of a variety of styles from short to long so he gets a full perspective. Together you can create a list of styles you both like. You can then wear styles you love without worrying about if he is attracted to you. Side note – this does not mean that you should limit yourself to styles that your Mister has approved. If you want to wear a style he’s not into then do what you love (it is your hair and you ALWAYS have the final say so). If you only want to wear styles that you both agree on, that fine too. Do what works for your comfort level.

Next, share the health benefits of this decision. Many women find that maintaining straight (relaxed) hair prevents them from exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. Explain that with hair no longer an issue you can work on bringing sexy back and get your body snatched. I promise you will have no complaints only compliments. Oh, and if your partner doesn’t want you to be your healthiest self then maybe he isn’t the one. 

Tell him how much time and money you will save by reducing your salon visits. No longer will you waste hours in a salon only to have your sleek straight style sweated out the next day. No longer will you have to schedule your life around your expensive weekly hair straightening appointments. All the time and money saved can be used to treat you and your Mister to a romantic getaway full of hugs, kisses, and fingers running through your curly mane.

Speaking of romantic getaways…plan a trip to the beach, because you will no longer fear water. With straight hair water is the enemy, causing your hair to loose the sleek look and ruining your style. With curly hair you can take a dip in the ocean or pool and know that your seductive curls will pop after exposure to water.

Finally, give him time. Sometimes a drastic change can take getting use to. In time he may come to love your curls. However, it’s most important that you love your curls first. If he still prefers straight hair, explain that you can still wear straight hairstyles and that naturally curly hair is very versatile. Both of you can enjoy the versatility of your hair. He can run his fingers through your hair, give it a gentle yet firm pull, and well you get the idea. I’m sure you can come up with many ways embracing your curly hair will benefit your relationship.


Have you found that your relationship has improved since embracing your curly texture? How did your significant other react to your new style?




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