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Sweet Cream Curl Defining Moisturizer
M Brummell (Harrisburg, PA)
Sweet Cream Curl

I love this product it smells so good. Leaves my hair soft and defines my curls .

Kiss My Ash Body Balm
Dee Marie (Philadelphia, PA)
Loving Body balm

I have been using Kiss My Ash boast balm for 2 weeks and it’s seem to be making my skin softer . I can wait to see how my skin feeling in the next few weeks.

Wash Day Bundle
Deshauna Newman (Hampton, GA)

Wash Day Bundle

Wash Day Bundle
Falesa Lang (Baton Rouge, LA)
Awesome product

First product that works wonders for my natural hair. You can’t go wrong with this

Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner
Latifah Allison (Washington, DC)

This product is everything for my hair!! I started with the mini bottle and it worked wonderfully. It keeps my hair moisturized and I used less oil than normal! I really love it!

Curl pop.

Before I purchased Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil, my hair was very dry, not able to retain moisture, but now, it's soft, bouncy, curly and full of life. Thanks Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil! 🥰

Rapid Growth Bundle
Customer (Round Rock, TX)

The hair clay and gummies are wonderful, I love the Clay , my hair is moisturized and supple. The Gummies taste so great I have to tell my self its not candy. I can tell the difference. The oil is wonderful , it works as a protective coat and nourishment for my scalp. I dont like the hair cream. for some reason it dries my hair completely out and leaves oily residue on what ever I put my head on. it doesn't absorb. I stopped using it and my hair now feels wonderful.

Mini Starter Bundle
Emma Leroy (Houston, TX)
Sample pkg- only received Dirty curl/Sweet cream & 3oz of conditioner I guess, didn’t get four item.

I wash my hair with Dirty clay very refreshing, I have used moisturizer for several day and notice a different. I will purchase additional products soon.

The Best Oil I’ve Ever Purchased

This is the best oil I have ever purchased! I got results in the first week and I will continue to use the products on me and my family’s hair!!

Hydration Queen

I loved the three products that I used to hydrated my hair. I have only been natural for a little while and my hair was so dry. Clay, the Nectar, and the Sweet Cream, I couldn't believe how hydrated my hair was! I will continue to use these products! Thank you so much for these products!

Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil
Lesley Arline (Columbia, SC)
Flower Bomb oil

The oil feels great on the scalp and keep it moist. Great for braided or locks hair. Just started using it a week ago. Will keep you posted on hair growth.

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
R.O (Bellevue, WA)
Leaves hair very soft

I am in love with the knotty nectar, and dirty curl. I will be using the sweet cream next week and can’t wait. My daughter loves the one step hair wash and they clay was just that. They leave the hair smelling delicious and soft. My toddlers hair is loving it too.

Rapid Growth Bundle
Shardaie Gary (Duncan, SC)

I love the product that I bought. The hair gummies taste great and the oil smells wonderful.

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
moni (Monroe, LA)
Love it

So I can say that these products keep my hair very moisturized. When they say a little bit goes a long way…believe it!!!! The gummies actually taste great also and I’m a happy customer!!!

Wash Day Bundle
Lakeesha Robertson
Great addition to my routine

I have always struggled with a routine for washday and in between. My curls are amazing. Planning to order more very soon.

This works

Out of all the products that I have ever use… this product has given me the best results and I will continue you to keep this hair regimen!! Ty so much!!!

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
R.W. (Flushing, NY)

I just received my mini trail bundle of the knotty nectar, dirty curl and sweet cream. OMG! It’s the best product, I have ever used ,on my natural 4c natural hair.! I did the Cowash with the dirty curl, followed by the knotty nectar and last was the sweet cream. The next day, my hair was so moisturized and well hydrated then it’s ever been….In fact, I was so impressed by the immediate results, I am definitely ordering all the above products in the regular size. Superb job sister!. For creating a product that takes the stigma out of growing beautiful natural hair❤️.

Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil
Nikki Smith (Alpharetta, GA)

I wasn't sure if the hair oil was going to work because I've tried others and saw no difference. But this is CRAZY! I only been using it for 3 weeks and my edges have baby hairs. OMG I can cry I'm so happy!!!

Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner
Belinda Robinson-Jones (Chicago, IL)
Your products are awesome - Your hard work pays off

Nadja, your products are absolutely awesome. The hard work and dedication that you put into creating these wonderful quality products does not go unnoticed. The leave in conditioner is light, which is what my fine natural hair needs. But it also packs a big hydration punch. Keep doing what you are doing. I am a customer for life! We appreciate you, Nadja!

Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner
Antoinette Hunter (Youngstown, OH)
Great Products

I really like these products. I like the smell, and I like what they do for my hair. I will definitely continue to buy these wonderful products. 😊

Wash Day Bundle
Chanel (Philadelphia, PA)

Escuchame! Listen to me! This product is so good for your hair. It keeps it nourished and healthy…not to mention it smells like chocolate…I use this not only on my hair but on my husbands hair as well and his hair responds so nicely,it shines! I’m now trying to get my Mom to invest not to mention some of my friends. Buy and try it for yourself!

1 INCH IN 1 MONTH BUNDLE Special Pricing
Barbara Carter (Chesapeake, VA)
Loving it

I love the cream, oil, and words cannot describe howI feel about the clay. Great products recommendations to family and friends one of whom is also a believer and has purchased products

Moisture Lock Bundle
Lynn Adams (Orlando, FL)

Thanks So Much🌹

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
Cassie Smith (Palmyra, VA)
Amazing product

Both my daughter have 4x hair and products are amazing for them both. My hair is a combination of curls, I too love the products.

No Breakage Bonnet
Danielle King (Detroit, MI)

No Breakage Bonnet