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1 INCH IN 1 MONTH BUNDLE Special Pricing
Barbara Carter (Chesapeake, VA)
Loving it

I love the cream, oil, and words cannot describe howI feel about the clay. Great products recommendations to family and friends one of whom is also a believer and has purchased products

Moisture Lock Bundle
Lynn Adams (Orlando, FL)

Thanks So Much🌹

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
Cassie Smith (Palmyra, VA)
Amazing product

Both my daughter have 4x hair and products are amazing for them both. My hair is a combination of curls, I too love the products.

No Breakage Bonnet
Danielle King (Detroit, MI)

No Breakage Bonnet

Dirty Curl Cleansing & Conditioning Clay
Faydra Nichols (Broken Arrow, OK)
Loving the Products

The dirty curl clay is amazing! It smells great and helps to cut my wash day time down a SIGNIFICANT amount. It also detangles my hair which makes styling after washing so much easier as well.

Sweet Cream Curl Defining Moisturizer
WillieAnn Lytle (Hyattsville, MD)
Great Product!

I Love Sweet Cream Curl Defining Moisturizer. It does exactly what it said.

Kinky Coily Bundle

Love it. Kept my hair moisturized and shiny until next wash day.

Kiss My Ash Body Balm
R Smith (Sacramento, CA)
Outstanding Body Balm!!

I love this product so much I bought my two sisters jars as well! It’s rich yet non greasy. Truly & thoroughly moisturizes yet once it’s immediately absorbed, it leaves your skin silky soft and smooth. No excessive oiliness or slickness that I have had from other cocoa butter products. Also, I am not a fan of the smell of cocoa on my skin and once this is absorbed, the aroma of cocoa dissipates. So it doesn’t combat or mix with any other scents you want to wear!! It also lasts!! Kiss My Ash is right!! Thank you for creating such a high quality body balm. The container size is PERFECT!! This will last for some time which is also a bonus.

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
Mandy Darby (Randolph, MA)
Hair crack!

So I started off trying the sample sizes and quickly went back to order the full sized bundle.....after the first wash. I've been using the line for about 2 months now and we (my hair and I) are in LOVE!

I can literally throw all my other products away and only use this going forward. Thank you 1000x! 🙌🏾

Kinky Coily Hair Bundle
V.W. (Nashville, TN)
Kinky Coily Hair Bundle

Good Stuff, really makes your wash day shorter. This is now one of staple brands.

Kiss My Ash Body Balm
Tallsexy (Hertford, NC)

Smells fantastic

Wash Day Bundle
Whitney M. (Nashville, TN)
In Love!!

I got the wash day bundle and I am beyond amazed. First off my wash day time was cut in half, the products smell so good, my hair is so soft and the moisture...OMG! I have found the the holy grail for my hair 😍

Dirty Curl Cleansing & Conditioning Clay
Sonja Williams (Lawrenceville, GA)
The best cleansing clay ever!!!

I am a faithful believer that this is the best cleansing clay on the market. My hair has never been this moisturized after a wash. I’m hooked!

Wash Day Bundle
T. Clifford (Chicago, IL)

I used the Dirty Curl for the second time yesterday and noticed less hair in the come. I am loving the oil, the leave in , and the curl custard. Will be purchasing again.

Hand Care Bundle
Ororo Munroe (Boutte, LA)
Love the Hands Care Bundle

My hands and skin felt so soft after using Kiss my Ash! The smell was so yummy! Even my bf noticed how soft and smooth my skin felt. I will definitely be purchasing more real soon!

Rapid Growth Starter Bundle
Cheryl Peoples (Harrisburg, PA)
Rapid Growth Starter Bundle Group Review

Love the products and really seeing a difference. Thank you for making these products! Will continue to support your company as a new loyal customer.

Kerri Dawkins (Fayetteville, GA)
The bundle is fantastic

All of the hair products are simply phenomenal. They all smell great and the quality is top notch. I wish the gummies were actually capsules instead and I think I would use the journal more if it were hard copy or if the digital copy was digitally fillable as opposed to a pdf. Other than that, I love everything about the bundle.

This Stuff Works Fast

Geez! I've used so several OTC hair growth products and home rememdies, in vain, to stimulate new hair growth after back to back bouts with cancer and nothing has really worked. I've been using Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil for only a week and already I see new growth and luster to both my eyebrows and my hairline. I can't wait to see whst my hair looks like in a couple of months 😍.

Hair Goals Growth Gummies
pjacksone (Stockbridge, GA)

They taste great and I like that you can take them on an empty stomach.

Shelly Stuwn (Brooklyn, NY)
Great deal!!!

The package was definitely a steal!!! The flower bomb oil gave me a great relief to my itching scalp.
The cleansing clay made my hair squeaky clean!! I’m so used to a lather so that was really different… The massaging brush is the best brush I’ve used this far…. Thanks the challenge is the deal breaker!!!!

Rapid Growth Starter Bundle
Sherrell (Upper Marlboro, MD)
My Hair Needs These Vitamins!!!

I’ve purchased this bundle several times and it’s my favorite combination!

Hand Care Bundle
M. (Bowie, MD)
Lovely and fabulous

This set is amazing! Both the hand sanitizer and the mini body butter have a lovely, sweet chocolate scent. I love using the spray on sanitizer and the scent it leaves afterwards; and then I use the mini body butter to moisturize my hands and smell good! This is perfect as a gift to someone else, or for yourself!

Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil
Whitney M. (Knoxville, TN)
My edges are growing back!!

This stuff is amazing!! I've been using this for almost 2 weeks now and my edges are growing back! Also I use this to seal in moisture and my hair is so soft and so moisturized. I'll definitely be buying more.

Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil
Alisa Peele (Greenville, NC)
See results first few day

I love this oil. Have tried other products but nothing compares to this. I saw results the first week. Already ordered 2 more bottles!!!

Flower Bomb Rapid Rejuvenation Oil
Janet C. (Hayward, CA)
Love it!

I’ve tried numerous growth oils and I love how this one is light weight and I believe I’m starting to see results after only a few weeks. Consistency is key. Hair loss is due to stress, but I’m hopeful with continued use this spot will fill in. Definitely ordering again and I’ve learned that a little goes a long way. I put a few drops on my fingers and then massage my scalp.