Curly Hair Mistakes To Avoid


We have spoken with women all over the world each with different hair concerns, textures, and experiences. Regardless of any of these factors we've found that most women make one or more of these mistakes at some point in their journey. We're sharing with you the top curly hair mistakes to avoid so you can treat your curls with love

1. Focusing On Length

We get it. Long hair is desirable and is often equated to beauty. However, length does not equate to health. When creating hair goals make sure healthy hair, no matter the length, is always top priority. It doesn’t matter the style you wear or the length of your hair, if your hair is unhealthy the style is not cute. Always cut/trim damaged hair regularly and find styles that compliment length of your healthy hair. 


2. Using Oils To Moisturize

Oil can be an amazing asset to your hair regimen, however if used incorrectly oil will dry out your hair. Oil is not a moisturizer it is a sealer. It seals moisture into your hair that has been achieved through the use of moisturizing products like the Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer. Oil should be used as a final step in your regimen. Ideally you should apply a liquid leave in, followed by a moisturizer and/or styler and finish with an oil, try Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil, to seal. 


3. Co-washing Only

Several years ago women began co-washing their curls because traditional cleansers were too harsh. In doing so they completely eliminated using a cleanser and only used a conditioner to "cleanse". However, conditioners (even those marketed as a co-wash) do not contain ingredients to will cleanse the scalp and remove dirt and buildup. Instead of exclusively co-washing your curls, wash your hair with a sulfate free cleanser regularly. We suggest washing your hair every week (every 2 weeks max). If you feel the need to co-wash only do it in between your washdays not the other way around. For a deep dive into co-washing read The Truth About Co-washing Natural Hair


4. Using Too Many Products

Taming your inner product junkie may be hard and we know how fun trying new products can be. However, this trend can cause damage to your hair and bank account. Instead of constantly trying new products find staple products and try new products in occasionally. Continuously mixing products that are not formulated to compliment each other can cause damage (hello protein overload). It also prevents you from being able to determine if the new item works. We explain this in further detail in our Find Products Your Curls Will Love article. 

So which of these curly hair mistakes have you made and what have you done to correct the error?




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