Natural Hair Unity



Freedom is a constant theme in the natural hair community.  So many people have found a new freedom by simply deciding to rock their natural hair.  However, even within our community I see separation and judgement.  An 'us' vs 'them' attitude has emerged. It has become a competition between 'natural' vs 'relaxed' or 'ingredient snob' vs 'use whatever works' or 'type 3 curls' vs 'type 4 curls' or 'color treated' vs 'natural color'.  These judgements lead to a division within our community and a separation within our natural hair family that is completely unnecessary!! Truth - If someone reps #teamnatural it doesn't mean they are against anyone who has a relaxer, weave, or color treated hair. It simply means they support natural hair. The decision to wear natural hair is personal.  Each person has a different and unique journey.

Instead of finding reasons to separate our community, let's focus on what we have in common.  Let's uplift and embrace the women, kids, and men in our community.  




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