Costume Ideas For Natural Hair

Halloween is right around the corner and we've got the best costume ideas to showcase your natural hair. 



Lion Queen - Transform into a lioness and show off your curly mane. The bigger the better.  You can achieve this look by rocking a wash and go. If you really bold try combing out your curls and rock a fierce afro.



Crazy Eyes - Orange is defiantly the new black and crazy eyes is the new Halloween outfit perfect for natural hair.  To achieve this style just part the hair into small sections and bantu knot each section.  Grab a pair of scrubs and viola easy and cute costume.  


Michonne - Perfect for girls with braids, twists, or locs. Let your twists hang and tie your favorite scarf around your edges. Pair this look with a brown leather vest, brown combat boots and a sword. Instant bad ass zombie killer!!



Lupita Nyong'o  - Lupita has killed the game from the moment she stepped on the scene. Her style is simple and chic. This look is perfect the girl with a t.w.a. You can get the look by pairing a solid color evening gown and gold statue with a freshly cut t.w.a. Take it a step further by adding a side part or pretty headband to your t.w.a.




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