The Break Up

Breaking up is so hard to do but so necessary.  As we get closer to February (the month of love) we want to help you break up with negative people that do not add value to the person you are and the love you have for yourself, your hair, and your natural beauty. Next time someone or something negative finds it's way into your life, just send them the break up letter.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Dear _______ (fill in the blank), 

     a. Society

     b. Family

     c. Friends

     d. Relaxer / Unhealthy Hair Products


I'm so over _______ (fill in the blank). 

     a. feeling unattractive

     b. measuring my value by your standards

     c. your unwanted opinions

     d. the unhealthy presence you have in my life

     e. having scabs and unhealthy hair / putting cancer causing chemicals in my hair 

I choose to live my life with ______ (people / products) that are healthy for me and are free from (drama & negativity / harsh ingredients).  You will no longer bring harm to my (mind / body). 

This isn't working because _______

     a. I see my true beauty

     b. your beauty standards do not reflect the diversity of beautiful brown girls like me

     c. my opinion of myself is more important than yours & the only standards I respect are my own

     d. your standards are fake and you're not good enough for me

     e. my natural hair is beautiful and needs no chemical alterations

From this moment forward you are irrelevant. I am moving on. I will no longer give your _______ (unwanted opinions / unhealthy ingredients) a place to reside within the me.  Truth be told, I deserve better than you. My _____ (beauty / natural hair) is authentic and so is everything about me. I am choosing to put only healthy _____(products / thoughts) in my _____ (body / mind). 

I am so unbothered by you, so save yourself some time and keep the _____ (opinions / unhealthy products) to yourself. I make no apologies for owning who I am. I LOVE everything about me, from my natural hair to my beautiful brown skin. I will #breakbeautystandards and show you what #realgirlsrealcurlsrealbeauty looks like. 



(Your Name)

Forever Flawless





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