Big Chop vs Transitioning


So you've decided to break up with chemically straightening your hair and start a relationship with your natural curls. If you’re an all or nothing kind of girl and you are not afraid of commitment then the big chop is the best way to go. If you like to take things slow in new relationships and believe you will have a hard time adjusting then transitioning is the perfect way to gradually ease into natural hair.

The big chop is cutting off all of your relaxed or heat damaged hair and rocking a cute low cut or curly t.w.a. (Teeny Weeny Afro). Before taking the plunge and cutting off all your hair, we suggest going to a professional to get a foundation cut. The foundation cut will determine how your hair will grow your in the coming weeks and months. Show you stylist or barber a picture of how you want your hair to grow out so they can cut your hair to mimic the picture. Once you've got your cut, your scab hair will grow in. Scab hair is the first hair to grow in but it’s also the last hair that was exposed to the chemicals from the relaxer. The scab hair usually breaks off and your true curl patterns will grow in soon. Play around with you new look and accessorize with earrings, make-up, and hair bows.
Transitioning involves gradually cutting your straight ends while allowing your curly roots grow. While transitioning you may experience breakage where the relaxed hair meets the curly hair. This area is the line of demarcation and is the most fragile area of your hair. Finding a style to blend the curly and straight texture may be difficult. Try rod sets as easy a go to curly style. If you plan to become a straight natural (someone who doesn’t have a relaxer hair but straightens their hair with heat) you can apply low heat to straighten your hair and blend the textures.

To maintain your new relationship with your hair, use a simple and effective products to maintain your new look, we suggest the #CurlsUncensored products for sexy, sultry strands. Oh, and like any new relationship there will always be someone with negative comments. Don’t let those comments keep you from loving your hair. Lastly, PATIENCE is key. Enjoy this new relationship and have fun. 

How did your break-up with your relaxer go and what are your tips for success??



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    I live in Poughkeepsie NY and I have really curly hair and I usually go to the haircut place in the mall but they never know how to cut my hair and it always turns out like crap. I was wondering where I could get a nice hair cut because in tired of having supper short hair.

    Posted by Taliyah | January 10, 2016
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