Find Products Your Curls Will Love

Many girls with curls become obsessed with finding the perfect products for their curls, so
obsessed that they turn into product junkies. Product junkies spend far too much time and money searching for the perfect product. If you’re a product junkie (no judgement) here are our secrets to help you find the right products without going broke (because there is nothing sexy about being broke).

First, learn your hair. Knowing your hair type, porosity level, thickness, and density are essential when searching for products for your hair. It’s also important to learn if you have any allergies or sensitivities so you can stay away from anything that will cause a reaction. Knowing your unique hair's needs keep you from being tempted by every product that promises to tame your mane.

Next, read the ingredients & directions. Reading the labels will help you decide which products to consider and which ones to avoid before you even spend a dime. Try to avoid sulfates, which will strip your hair of the moisture, parabens, harsh preservatives, and any mineral oils. Look for vegetable based oils instead. Also, use products as directed by the manufacturer and you will be more likely to have better results. However, that doesn’t mean you can't find other great ways to use a product as you become more familiar with the product.

Finally, try new products multiple times in multiple ways before deciding you don’t like them. Initially use the product as directed. Then use it in a different way to see if it can still serve your hair needs. Be sure to write down the product details, how you used it and the results, so you can keep track of how your curls respond. Also, when you’re trying a new product, don’t try it on dirty hair. Using a new product on top of hair that already has product in it will give you poor results.

Oh, and if you want to see if your fave product plays well with something new you’re trying, here’s our insider secret. Dab a small amount of your staple product and the new product on the back of your hand, then mix them together. If you see white balls forming, their formulations do not play well together and will leave white balls throughout your hair.

Are you a product junkie? What are your tips for finding products your curls will love?



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