4 Reasons To Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioners are a necessary part of your natural hair care regimen. There are a variety of conditioners, rinse off, deep and leave-in, and each serves a different purpose. The most popular conditioner for girls with curls are leave-in conditioners because they can be used daily. If you haven’t added a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen here are 4 reasons to you should.

1. Lock In Moisture

Leave-in conditioners are best used on damp hair because it helps seal water into your hair and keep it from evaporating so quickly. Moisture is essential for soft and sexy curls.

2. Restore

Leave-in conditioners close the layers of your hair follicles and restores your hair’s ph balance. Some cleansers and conditioners open your hair cuticles to remove dirt or to add moisture and in the process alter your ph. While this is a necessary process it’s also important to close your cuticles once this process has been completed. A good leave in conditioner does just that and restores your hair to it’s natural ph level.

3. Detangle

Admit it, detangling is the worst part of your wash day. However, you can make your detangling process less stressful by using a leave-in conditioners that gives your hair slip making detangling easier. A detangler with slip saves you time and reduces hair loss.

4. Refresh

A leave-in conditioner is perfect for reviving dry, dull curls and giving them a lil’ oomph. Search for a spray leave-in conditioner that is easily applied and will lightly dampen your curls to refresh them without weighing down your hair. We recommend our Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner for a sexy pick me up. 

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your next hair style by adding a leave-in conditioner to your wash day and daily hair care routine.

What do you look for in a leave-in conditioner?



  • Comment author

    Hi Bev,

    Most leave in conditioners contain oils that will add shine and shimmer to your hair regardless of if you are using heat or not. Hope this helps.

    Posted by Curl Collection | February 22, 2016
  • Comment author

    Excellent tips, do leave in conditioners enhance shine with or without heat?

    Posted by Bev | February 06, 2016
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