5 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing

The biggest hair goal of natural girls is long hair. So many products claim to make your hair grow practically overnight. The truth is, there is no miracle product. Your hair grows an average of half an inch per month. If you find that your hair seems to be growing less than 6 inches per year check out our secrets for retaining length. 

1. Products 

Find products that work for your hair and stick with them. If you constantly try different products and you don’t have a collection of products that work for your curls it’s impossible to determine what works and what doesn’t. If you like trying new products limit it to one new item per month so you can determine how the new product reacts with your key products. Also, avoid products with ingredients that do more harm than good. Use products free from sulfates, drying alcohol, mineral oils, and parabens. 

 2. Length Before Health 

Many women desire long hair and end up sacrificing the health of their hair to achieve it. Don’t hold on to long weak hair. Get regular trims to remove split ends and knots. Holding on to split ends causes more breakage which damages your curls in the long run and reduces length, thickness, and the health of your hair.  

 3. Regimen 

Natural hair trends are a dime a dozen. Everyone has a different technique for achieving long hair. However, trying all of these techniques prevents you from creating a consistent hair care regimen that works and may slow your progress. Repetition breeds results. A hair care regimen makes hair care easy and consistent. Create a regimen that is customized to your hair texture, hair needs, keeps your hair moisturized, detangled, and fits into your lifestyle. We suggest 2 regimens; one for your wash-day and one for daily maintenance that includes sleeping on satin.  

4. Overmanipulation 

Curly hair is fragile in both the dry and wet range. Constant combing, pulling, and twisting your hair can cause breakage. Our hair is so soft and fluffy and it’s hard to keep our hands off but touching your curls, may cause your hair to break.  

5. Protective Styles 

Braids, twists, weaves, and updo’s are considered protective styles and are meant to protect your hair from over manipulation, expose to drying elements, and keep the fragile areas of your hair tucked away.  However, any protective style that is not cared for properly and is kept in too long can switch from a protective style to a detrimental style and will result in hair loss and breakage. If you are wearing a protective style make sure your hair isn't pulled too tight (this can lead to traction alopecia), give your hair a 4 – 6 week break between protective styles and maintain a hair care and wash day regimen.  


Hair growth is about retention. If your hair is breaking off faster than it’s growing evaluate your hair care process. For more tips and a suggested hair care regimen download the Curly Girls Guide To Growth. Once you’ve implemented these tips, add a little patience into the mix and you will see progress.  What are your secrets for growing healthy hair? 



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