Secrets To Finding A Natural Hair Stylist

Ever walked out of a hair salon in a worse condition than when you walked in?  Many curly girls have had hair stylist horror stories. With our secrets your can say goodbye to the days of crossing your fingers and hoping your stylist knows how to care for your sexy curls. 

1. Research 

Make Google your best friend. Do an online search for stylists in your area and read the reviews. In addition to Google you can use Yelp to see the top rated stylists in your area. You can also ask your curlfriends for recommendations and if you see a sexy girl with kinky curls, ask her who did her hair. 

2. Get A Consultation

This step is so necessary. Get a consultation first before making an appointment to have your hair done. Consultations give the stylists a chance to assess your hair and understand your hair needs. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to meet and get to know your stylist too. This is the time for you to ask questions. Make a list of questions and include the following:  

How long they’ve been a stylist? 

If they’ve handled both relaxed and natural hair? 

The brand of hair products they use? (look up the products and make sure they don’t contain harmful ingredients) 

 What their specialty is? 

Ask a few trick questions laced with terms commonly used in the natural hair community. This will allow you to see how well versed they are with curly hair styles and trends. Be specific and honest your expectations, and tell them you are nervous and hopefully they will explain the process and make you at ease. This is also a time to peak at salon (ask to use the bathroom and make sure it’s clean). The environment in their salon will give insight on how well they take care of their clients and potentially you as well. 

3. Date Your Stylist

Select your top 3 stylist and have each of them cleanse, condition, and create the same style (we suggest a simple twist out). This gives you an opportunity to determine what you like and dislike about each stylists before getting into an exclusive relationship. Also, tell your stylist you found them online, and you are going to do review after the service. Once they hear this, they will treat you with a lil’ extra TLC.  

4. Get Exclusive

Once you’re ready to be in an exclusive relationship with your new stylist give them a pic so they can help you reach your hair goals. Also, have your stylist create tell you the best methods to maintain your hair at home. Last but not least, always keep your number 2 choice (from the top 3 listed above) as your backup just incase things don’t work.   


What were your secrets to finding an stylist you love? 




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