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I am a daughter, mother, partner, friend, and owner of Femme Noire. I’m a little sassy and I say naughty words more frequently than I’d like to admit. Most importantly I am a woman. A woman who has gone from comparing myself to others and criticizing everything about myself to a woman who is comfortable just being me and no longer feels threatened by the beauty of another woman. It's taken me a lifetime to embrace who I am and love the skin I'm in. 

My curly natural hair journey stared accidentally in January of 2010 with my first sew in weave and the last time I chemically straightened my hair. I was excited to try something new and sat patiently in the stylist’s chair while my hair was transformed into a head of long silky straight hair.

When I returned a couple weeks later to have the sew in removed I was horrified. I lost several large patches of hair from having my hair pulled too tight. I was shocked, embarrassed, and pissed! One woman overheard and made a song and dance that will stay with me forever. “You got a b-a-l-d spot, you got a b-a-l-d spot, you’re weave was too tight, you got a b-a-l-d spot”.

Less than 6 months after my hair disaster, I became pregnant and kept my hair in braids the entire pregnancy.  When I took my hair out of the braids my hair was long and kinky! Caring for my both my curly and straight textures was a challenge so I resorted to a flat iron to blend the textures.

It’s been said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life and I wholeheartedly agree. On October 7, 2011, I cut nearly all my hair off and I was officially au natural. I received mixed responses from friends & family and although I loved my short hair I was surrounded with negativity regarding my hair choice, which affected my confidence. I struggled with managing my curly texture (detangling was a nightmare and my hair breakage was at an all time high) and grew frustrated with finding a healthy hair care regimen that provided flawless results every time, was effortless and made my curly hair look and feel flawless. After much trial and error I established a simple curly hair care system perfect for busy women.

As I learned to manage and love my hair I also began a journey of self love. Self love goes beyond the texture or length of your hair, it’s about loving yourself when no one else does and seeing your beauty when everyone and everything around you says you’re less than beautiful. Over time I learned to see the beauty in myself and feel sexy and confident. I no longer censored my hair texture, beauty, body, mind, imperfections, opinions, love, passion, or sexuality. It is my hope that you do the same.

Now you know my story, I’d love to hear yours. Click here to share your journey to owning your beauty and falling in love with yourself. I’ll share your story on the blog to inspire other women who are learning to love themselves.





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    How can I stop my hair from shedding? I do take a lot of prescribed medication. I have heart failure & rheumatoid arthritis. On my weekly wash day when I detangle my hair I have a lot of shedding!! I would say the size of a lime

    Posted by Alvina | March 06, 2019
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    Love your story girl!

    Posted by Gwen Henry | September 01, 2016
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