Every year new trends pop up and old trends refuse to die. As we step into a new year there are several natural hair trends that we all need to kiss goodbye. Many of these trends we have all fallen victim to (no judgement here), and others that get the serious side eye. Here are 5 trends to leave. 


I'm talking about the ever growing (pun intended) to do list of crazy things that will make your hair grow. Look, it is not possible to make your hair to grow inches overnight. It is impossible. No matter how many jars of Vicks Vapor Rub you apply to your head, how long you lay with your head up-side down (the inversion method), how many magic pills you take or how much yeast infection cream you apply to your scalp your hair will not grow to epic lengths overnight. Hair growth is achieved through consistent healthy hair practices. So please leave the Vicks hair treatments, vajayjay creams, inversion method, and any other rapid hair growth schemes in last year.


No matter how long your hair is, if it isn't healthy it is not cute. There is nothing worse that seeing someone who is holding on to a scraggly, thin, damaged pony tail of dead strands. For the love of your hair, cut all ties with dry, damaged, dead hair. Start over adopt a healthy hair regime and grow a head of healthy hair.  Always, always, always choose healthy hair over damaged hair. Healthy hair will always win over long hair. 


Shrinkage is not the devil. Shrinkage is not your enemy. Shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair full of elasticity and 'bounce back'. If your naturally curly hair stops shrinking and starts lying around like a limp noodle, you need to be concerned because thats a sign of hair damage. Going forward embrace the shrinkage, that's your hair showing you it is healthy. 


I don't know about you but I don't have the time, counter space, or mental energy for a hair regimen that takes 10+ products and has 10+ steps. Overcomplicated hair regimens will make you go from loving wash day to dreading wash day. As a busy woman, with a full life there is no need to spend an excess amount of time, money, and stress making your hair care routine more complicated than it has to be. In 2018 aim to simplify your wash day to 5 products or less.


Natural hair comes in so many different textures, thickness, density... Instead of focusing on the hair you don't have or wish you had, focus on the hair you have and discover what makes it so beautiful. Once you learn the secrets of your hair's beauty flaunt it. Show off your beautiful mane! Yes, you can admire the beauty of someone else's hair, just make sure you don't forget the beauty of your hair too. 


Here's to a New Year with of a head of beautiful, healthy hair, sexy as f*ck natural hair! 







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    Well said!! It’s amazing how well cared for hair is beautiful in all lengths and all textures.

    Posted by EGill | January 29, 2019
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    My error, see your 4 products that will do the job!

    Posted by Beverly Nortn | January 12, 2018
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    This article was on target. Love to read more like them and five products you recommend for wash day regimines.

    Posted by Beverly Norton | January 12, 2018
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