Workouts To Keep Your Hair & Body In Shape

Healthy hair starts from within and exercise is essential to maintaining a head of lush curls. Spice up your workout regimen by incorporating these activities to keep your hair & body in optimum shape.

1. Cardio

Any form or rigorous cardio increases your heart rate and blood flow. Good circulation to your scalp stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Cardio, including running and high impact dance, is also great for eliminating stress and anxiety, which can cause hair loss over a period of time.

 2. Hot Yoga

Stretching into positions you didn’t even know your body could do in a heated room will get you hot and bothered. Sweating is one way your body detoxifies and aids in regulating the sebum your scalp naturally releases. If you want to make things a bit more intense try a couples yoga class.

3. Steam Room

The steam room is like dessert after a hard workout. Steam opens your cuticles allowing moisture to penetrate your strands. To increase the intensity of the steam room apply Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner prior to entering. The duo of steam and conditioner will leave your natural hair quenched. To avoid frizz style your curls before leaving the steam room and allow them to dry before taking them down. Add a drop of Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil to smooth any fly aways.


Do you workout with a partner? What are your favorite activities?



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