My mission is to empower women to fall in love with themselves but that's just the beginning. I believe love is best when shared with others and I love to give back to women who are victims of sex slavery and abuse.

Women are deeply unvalued and often abused, neglected, and overlooked. My city of Atlanta is know as one of the top cities in the United States for sex slavery.  It breaks my heart to know that women and children are exploited here everyday. To help fight this epidemic a portion of profits are donated to local organizations right here in Atlanta that help women overcoming sexual abuse. Every purchase you make is helping a woman in need but it doesn't end there.

Women all over the world have been abused and fighting to survive. Every member of my team sponsors a sister who lives overseas that has survived unimaginable circumstances. My associates develop a personal relationship with the sponsored sister. They communicate and share pictures through email and she becomes a cherished friend. A $35 per month donation provides job skills, business development training, clean water, nutritional needs, and a lifelong connection with a community of women who support her.

Several times per year clothes, blankets, coats, shoes, hats, and household appliances are donated to Clothing For A Cause a charity that helps single women and mothers who are transitioning from domestic violence. Women working to reclaim their lives need to feel beautiful and confident too, that's why surplus items find their way to them. Bottles dented during shipment but returned in usable condition, excess discontinued or seasonal products find their way into the hand of women who want to look and feel beautiful.