Secrets To Going Natural

Making the decision to return to your natural hair texture is huge. People often say, “It’s just hair” but you and I know it’s more than hair. This is a full lifestyle change that has the potential to affect your relationship with yourself, your family, friends, and even your career. As a women, our rleationship with our hair has become a piece of who we are and change can be scary. Don’t start the journey to embracing your naturally curly hair without learning our five secrets to success. 

 1. Research

We know you’ve heard this tip before, but we’re going to make research seem effortless with these essentials. Our recommended book list is Better Than Good Hair by Curly Nikki, Curly Girl: The Handbook, If You Love It, It Will Grow and The Science of Black Hair. Our fave (and reputable) blogs include Curly Nikki, Naturally Curly, Black Girl Long Hair, and Natural Hair Rules, and of course our blog (wink). If you’re looking for bloggers to watch try to find ones with the same or similar texture as your hair and make sure to fact check the information they provide. Last but not least your styist should be able to provide you with information.  

 2. Temporary Curls

Try a style that will give you the look of textured hair. The purpose is to give you an idea of how curly hair will look on you (which we know will be beautiful) and how to maintain it. We suggest get rod sets, particularly straw sets because they mimic the tightness of curly hair. Also, straw sets get frizzy after several days which will give you a chance to experience the frizz that can come with curly hair. The secret is to embrace the frizz and use it for volume when creating different looks. 

 3. Communication

People will either love or hate your new look.  However, what’s most important is that you like it and you don’t allow other’s opinions to decrease your confidence. To reduce the amount of negative feedback tell those close to you in advance so they will be supportive and will refrain from the negative comments. Anyone who doesn’t support you being your authentic self and embracing your natural hair should be told up front their comments are not welcome. 

4. Big Chop vs Transitioning

Decide how you want to start your natural journey, you will either big chop or transition. The big chop is cutting off all the relaxed hair at once which typically results in a t.w.a. (tiny weeny afro) depending on how long your hair is. Many women find that a t.w.a. brings their face forward and forces them to see their beautiful facial features that were hiding behind a head of hair. Before chopping your hair off tell your stylist to make your edges soft and feminine. The secret to a goreous t.w.a. is to make sure your edges are not percise like a man. Play up your look with jewlery, accessories, and make-up.  

If you prefer a more suttle change transitioning is the route for you. Transitioning is gradually cutting off your relaxed hair a little at a time. When you transition you will have to find styles that blend the different textures (straight & curly). For transitioning we suggest rod sets because it will hide the multiple textures. You can also utilize protective styles like box braids, twists, or crochet braids. 

5. Have Fun

After you have started your natural hair journey, takes lots of selfies to document your journey. Old pics will show you how much your hair has grown and all the styles you’ve tried. Be patient and enjoy the journey and growth (physically and mentally). Also, find a product line that you like, made of healthy ingredients that will make your curls pop (try the #CurlsUncensored line). Finally, love and embrace your natural hair, and it will love you back. 





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    Hi Phoebe,

    Glad you like the tips. We’ve got more of them coming so stay tuned.


    Posted by Curl Collection | March 25, 2016
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    These are great tips. I’m not newly natural, I’m newly curly. I wore my hair straight for so long & wanted shorter hair & happened to let it air dry and became curious about how my natural texture really looks like. Awesome tips! Thanks!

    Posted by Phoebe Felice | March 17, 2016
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