Kiss Split Ends Goodbye



It's no secret that split ends, particularly strand knots, go hand in hand with naturally curly hair. But, does it have to? Is it possible to have to have a head of lush curls without those annoying knots? Trade in knotty for naughty with these secrets to kissing split ends and single strand knots goodbye.


Stop Avoiding Trims

So many women avoid getting hair trims and cuts in an effort to grow their hair. However, this practice is counterproductive. Hair trims are necessary for growth. Splits start at the end and work their way up. The only way to remove split ends is to get regular trims. We suggest trimming your ends every 2 - 3 months or as needed.


Use Seamless Combs

Most combs have a seam that runs down the middle and joins the two sides into one complete unit.  This seam is a raised and rough and will cause snags in the hair shaft leading to split ends. Make the switch to seamless combs to prevent splits and breakage. Check out our selection of seamless combs.



Prepooing is applying conditioner and/or an oil (we prefer mix of both - first the Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner followed by a light coating of Flower Bomb Hair Oil) to hair before cleansing. Prepooing creates slippery coating on the strands making them more manageable, easier to detangle, and less likely to break and create snags.


Snip Away Tangles

Ideally after receiving a trim there should be a little to no splits remaining. However, if a knot or split sneaks up, it's important to use the right tools to remove it from your natural hair. Using a sharp pair of shears, made for cutting hair, to cut the split slightly above its start point. Make a straight blunt cut to prevent the ends from fraying. Follow up the cut with a light oil coating to keep the ends smooth and protected.


Split ends can take on many forms. Check out the pic below to determine which type(s) you have. Then consistently apply our techniques to decrease the amount of split ends you have.




What type(s) of split ends are hiding in your curls and what have you done to get rid of them?




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