Fall In Love With Your Big Chop



The big chop is cutting off all of your hair and starting over. It's exciting, bold and a bit scary. Women use hair as a measure of femininity and beauty and making a drastic change in our hair can make us feel unattractive. Feeling attractive after the big chop is challenging but with these tips you'll chop with confidence. 


Find Pics Of Cuts Short Styles

Looking at pictures of women with sexy short cuts is inspiring. Create a short hair style guide with your favorite looks. You may discover you prefer a short cut over long locks.



Play up your new look with sexy makeup that accentuates your features and your curls. Incorporate jewelry to soften your look and cute hats to switch your style. Learn new ways to wrap pretty scarves that give a sleek peek a boo preview of your curls or add flowers for a pop of color.  


Redefine Beauty

Stop viewing beauty by society's standards. Create your own perception of beauty that starts with you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. Jot down a few positive affirmations that reinforce this belief and repeat them daily. Accept that beauty comes from within and resonates outward. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, features, and hair lengths.



Beauty recognizes beauty so compliment another woman. Complimenting someone not only makes them feel good but you too. Recognizing the beauty in others takes nothing away from your beauty, in fact it adds to it.    





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