The word afro has taken on a whole new meaning.  An afro can be totally frizzed out or big and curly.  Here are 3 tips to achieve the perfect curly fro.  


DAMP HAIR - Styling on damp hair is a 3-for-1 deal. (1) It reduces drying time (2) Gives you the volume you would achieve when styling on dry hair (3) Gives you defined curls  


STYLE - Choose a style that gives you both big and defined curls. Try flat twists with bantu knots at the end of each twist.  The flat twists gives you fluffy curls while the bantu knots provide definition. 


EMBRACE THE FRIZZ - Lightly mist the mid to lower layers of your hair with a refresher spray or leave in conditioner (try our Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner it smells amazing and is moisturizing). This will add frizz and volume while leaving defined curls in the top layers of your hair. Since the top layer of your hair is the most visible area no one will notice the frizz. 


What are your tips for achieving a curly fro??



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    Keep it coming, wrirtes, this is good stuff.

    Posted by Jolyn | February 09, 2016
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    What month was you alikay natural and crème of natural curl kit take over? Do you have any more? Can I use the alikay natural crème brulee’ and aloe berry gel together on 4c type hair?

    Posted by Tara Timmons | December 26, 2014
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