Are you using too much oil on your scalp?

Are there white, scaly flakes falling on your shirt? Is your hair becoming sticky? Then you might be using too much oil?

You can use oil on your scalp to stimulate hair growth or to moisturize a   dry and itchy scalp. Whatever the reason, it’s important to avoid overdoing it because like the famous saying goes, “Too much of anything is a bad thing.” Here are the two signs you should watch out for to prevent over oiling your scalp. 

  1. Changes in your scalp

We all know that change could either be good or bad. But if your scalp is irritated and you notice scaling and thick flakes that were not there before, you should be concerned. It’s possible that you are creating an environment for fungus or irritation could occur. Your solution is to use less oil and oil your scalp less frequently.  The Flower Bomb Oil is very potent so a little goes a long way. 

  1. Your hair feels too greasy

If you rub your bare fingers in your scalp you see that your hand is really oily, that is the sign that you’re using too much oil. Or if the hair that is close to your scalp looks wet when it isn’t you are using too much oil. You'll know you're putting too much oil when it starts running down your face, or the back of your  neck. This is a sign your scalp can’t absorb the amount of oil you’re applying so it settles in your hair or runs down your head. 

How can you prevent over oiling?

Using trial and error you will find the perfect balance of oiling your hair. We suggest starting 3 times a week and working up to more as needed. Always use a dropper so you can put the oil exactly where you want it without wasting any. When oiling your scalp part it first to reveal your scalp and only use a couple of drops. After applying the oil massage it in so it’s absorbed by your scalp. 

Having healthy hair starts with having a healthy scalp. Look for any changes in your scalp like a decrease in dryness and itching which is a good sign vs an increase in flakes which is a sign of too much oil. Treat your scalp with love and care by using trial and error to find the perfect balance of oil.



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