Autumn Care For Curly Hair

Fall has arrived which means chili nights, a crisp cool breeze, and brightly colored leaves fall from trees. Cool weather and dry air makes your hair lose moisture quickly making it dry and brittle which leads to breakage. This is a time of transition and the perfect time to change your hair care regimen. Add these techniques for less breakage and more hair retention.

Steam Treatments

Steaming your curls opens your cuticles allowing moisture to enter your hair strands. Maximize your steam treatment by applying pre-wash mixture (see Pre-wash treatment below).  The moisture in your hair will be increased and any potential breakage from brittle hair will be eliminated.

Pre-Wash Treatments

To make a pre-wash treatment (also known as pre-poo) layer small amount of conditioner and oil to slightly damp hair prior to cleansing. This mixture will soften your hair, making it easier to remove any major tangles. It will also add moisture to your hair before you start washing which will minimize breakage over time. 


The best way to retain moisture in curly hair is apply moisturizing products in layers. Start with applying Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner (or your fave conditioner), follow it with a moisturizing cream like Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer, and seal in the moisture with a light layer of oil preferably Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil because it seals in moisture without making your hair greasy (this method is known as L.C.O.). If you use the L.O.C. method (applying the oil second and the cream last) switch to L.C.O. during the cooler months.

Close Your Cuticles

After washing and conditioning your hair always rinse with cool / cold water. The cold water will close your cuticles and seal in the moisture from washing and conditioning into your cuticles. 

Low Manipulation Styles

Choose styles that don't require a lot of tugging, pulling or constant combing. The more you do to your hair the more your strands will break and the more hair you will loose. Instead try styles you can achieve with no combing. I suggest 1 or 2 goddess braids (or any other variation like french braids, milk braids or flat twists) and neat buns (messy buns can cause tangles). You can also opt for hats, beanies, scarves or wraps to keep your hair protected from the weather and reduce styling. 

Satin Bonnets

Satin scarves or bonnets are multi-use and perfect for fall.  However they are usually cotton which absorbs the moisture from your hair.  Before using a hat, beanie or wrap put a satin bonnet (not the bonnets from the supermarket because they aren't 100% satin) or scarf on your hair to protect it from the cotton.  Then wrap your hair as normal. This also applies to cotton pillowcases. 

Simple Fall Regimen

  • Prior to cleansing pre-treat your hair with warm oil & a light conditioner - Every wash
  • Steam pretreated hair for 15 - 50 minutes - Every wash
  • Cleanse  - Condition - Deep Condition - 2x per month (more frequently if needed)
  • Oil scalp and ends of your hair - Daily
  • Moisturize your hair using the L.C.O. method - Every other day / Daily if necessary
  • Apply a satin / silk bonnet to hair before bed - Nightly

What are your favorite fall curly hair care tips?




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