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  • 5 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship with Your Hair & How To Fix It

    5 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship with Your Hair & How To Fix It

    When you're in a toxic relationship with your hair, you notice it's dry, brittle, breaking. It can be hella frustrating. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed like you hate your hair. It’s time to leave everything toxic and get into a healthy & loving relationship with your hair. Here's what to do for the red flags

  • The Truth About Hair Vitamins

    The Truth About Hair Vitamins

    Ever wondered if hair vitamins work or if it's all hype? Are they really worth it? With so much information it’s not easy cutting through the noise and getting to the truth. We’ve done the hard work and broken down the biggest questions and concerns about hair vitamins. Warning! Not all vitamins are created equal here’s how to find the right ones for you. 

  • Postpartum Shedding

    Postpartum Shedding

    Postpartum shedding is a natural phenomenon that women go through after giving birth. The decrease in pregnancy hormones causes a sudden reduction of nutrients in your body. The remaining nutrients are delivered to your essential organs like the heart, lungs and for milk production for nursing mothers. Your hair, skin and nails get any nutrients that are left over and haven’t been distributed to your vital organs. In order to ensure your hair, skin and nails aren’t neglected add these things to your daily routine: 

  • Finding The Best Protein Treatment For Your Hair

    Finding The Best Protein Treatment For Your Hair

    It's not always easy to find the right protein treatment for your hair. Many naturalistas find themselves on a never-ending quest, and that’s no fun! Protein treatments have many benefits for natural curly hair including: improving elasticity which helps reduce breakage; adding shine to dull locks; and even reducing frizziness. Your hair will have different needs depending on what you’ve exposed it to. Here are the best protein treatments for your hair needs. 

  • What’s Best for Your Hair? Moisturizing Oils or Sealing Oils

    What’s Best for Your Hair? Moisturizing Oils or Sealing Oils

    We've all been on the search for the "perfect" oil. The one that will add shine, moisture and control to our curls without making them limp or greasy. And while many of us have found what we think is our match, people often ask us what's the difference between moisturizing oils vs sealing oils? Do moisturizing oils actually moisturize? We're here to set the record straight!

  • Simplify Your Hair Care

    Simplify Your Hair Care

    Natural hair has a bad reputation. People think it's hard to manage, time consuming and expensive. That's just not true. It's only hard to manage if you were never taught how. Naturally curly hair takes the same time investment as straight hair and it's less expensive than relaxers and weaves. Natural hair is can be simple and fun.

    In order to have the best experience you need a few things in place.