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Hair Growth Challenge

Written by Nadja Renise


Posted on February 25 2019

Are you struggling with growing your hair? Have your edges been snatched? Look, no judgement here, I have been there before. I lost my hair twice one from a bad weave experience and once from neglect. Both times I grew my hair back and you can too. I want to share with you my method for growing your hair long, strong, and healthy! Oh, and did I mention it costs you nothing to participate. It's absolutely FREE!

I'm going to show you exactly what I did step by step to grow my hair. I created a 30 Day Hair Growth Challenge so you can regrow your hair and see RESULTS. 

This is different that any hair growth challenge you've ever seen or participated in before. I'm streaming Live 3 times a week for 30 days letting you peek inside my washday, teaching your hair techniques, setting measurable hair goals, giving you actionable tasks every day and showing you how to learn the Love Language of your hair.  created a 30 Day Hair Growth Challenge so you can regrow your hair and see RESULTS. 

Click here to sign up and let's get growing!! 




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