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Wash Day Bundle

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Transform your wash day into a spa day for your hair. Imagine using 1 product to wash your hair, condition, deep condition and detangle your hair without stripping moisture from your curls. Then immediately moving on to moisturizing and styling your hair forever changing your wash day process. This bundle has everything you need for the easiest wash day ever:

  • Detox and & exfoliate your hair & scalp to remove dirt, flakes and buildup
  • Condition and close your cuticles to prevent moisture from evaporating
  • Strengthen your strands and reduce breakage
  • Soothe scalp reducing itchiness and flakes
  • Repair strands to prevent split ends 
  • Moisturize without weighing your hair down
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, silicones & petroleum
  • Scented with phthalate-free fragrance oil


Will it work on my hair type?
Our products work on all textures and types from 2 - 4c/z

Do your products have harmful ingredients?
Nope, we are dedicated to black women. That means making products that actually work on black hair and black skin without harming you. All of our products are FREE from sulfates, parabens, silicone, mineral oil, petroleum, drying alcohols and phthalates (all the nasty stuff that dries out kinky curly hair and is bad for your health). 

How do the products smell?
All of our products a scented with a special blend of a rich dark chocolate oil that's phthalate free so it's safe for you and your body.

Is this a black owned business?
Absolutely, our owner is a woman with type 4 kinky curly hair who has been through every hair stage possible; relaxed, natural, big chop, transition, straight natural and even lost and regrew her hair 3x with these products.

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We stand behind our products and want you to have the best results, so we also offer a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with our products return them within 30 days of purchase. We will process your refund after we receive the returned products. 

Customer Reviews

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I'm a satisfied customer
My hair felt so smooth after I used the hair mask. The oil and leave in conditioner were amazing. I�m a satisfied customer!


In Love
I am in love with this collection. My favorite is the Knotty Nectar. This leave-in paired with my favorite twisting cream delivers moisturized coils and a beautiful twist out. The Flower Bomb is light and a smells wonderful. It is not overpowering at ALL. I use this in the morning when fluffing my hair for the day to provide a healthy sheen to my hair. The Sweet Cream is a butter I use at night between my twisting nights. I apply an ample amout and massage my scalp, toss on my bonnet and go to bed. I am hooked. These products are not heavy on my hair. I am a 4B hair type and my hair is meduim coarseness. These product give me just what my hair needs without weighing it down. These are staple products. My review on the Cleansing Clay is pending since I haven't tried it yet. Judging from the products I have tired, I believe I will love this one as well.


I absolutely love your products. The Dirty Girl Cleansing & Conditioning Clay is absolutely the best clay I have ever tried. It makes my hair feel so soft and smooth and so easy to manage. My moisture level has gone up ten fold. I am a life-long customer. Your products are top notch!


Very moisturizing! Good stuff!


I'm in love with these products and the smell is awesome! After washing & leave in conditioner I sectioned hair and used the growth oil (OMG! the smell!) & the Sweet Creamy moisturizer. My hair was braided down and when I took my hair down the results were Awesome! Beautiful curl definition and the moisture was unbelievable. Thanks for producing great products. I've already ordered again! 😊❤