5 Things You Need To Know Before Going Natural

As a newbie learning to care for your naturally curly hair can be confusing. Your emotions can go from excitement about a new style to frustration because your hair isn't cooperating. Your emotions can go from excitement about a new style to frustration because your hair isn't cooperating. Don't let the frustration consume you. Get a jump start on your journey to loving your curly hair by avoiding these common myths and mistakes.

Wash 'N Go's Are A Hoax

A Wash 'N Go involves much more than washing your hair and going on about your day. There is no such thing as washing and going. A wash n' go involves a minimum of 5 steps; wash, condition, detangle, moisturize, and style. Also, if you add gel to your styling routine drying can take forever (1 - 2 days depending on how thick and porous your curls are). 


Detangling can be a nightmare for curly hair because it's more prone to tangles. The tighter your curls are the more fragile they are making them easier to tangle and break. To prevent your curly hair from breaking carefully detangle your hair in small sections using a comb or your fingers. Finger detangling is also an option, but it can take hours! Decrease your detangling time by creating and following a hair care regimen that reduces tangles and involves an simple go to style, like a twist-out (If you don't have a hair care regimen scroll to the bottom of the page and pop your email in the box to receive a complimentary curly hair guide).

All Hair Is Good Hair

Curly hair is your fingerprint. It's unique to you and although it may have similarities to others the way your hair behaves is like a mystery that you have to solve. Some mysteries are easy to solve others take a little more investigation. No matter your hair texture your job is to discover what works for you. It's okay to look at the way other people's hair responds and appreciate it's beauty but it's more important to love your hair and unlock the secrets it holds. No matter what you do, never compare your hair to other's in a negative way. Instead find things about your hair you love. This can sometimes be easier said than done especially when everything around you says straight hair is prettier. However, it's your job to revolt against beauty standards that don't recognize your beauty. In a world that tells you that you are not enough the most rebellious thing you can do is love yourself, unapologetically. 

Hair Products Are Not Created Equal

Everything that you know about hair care products prior to wearing your hair curly is useless information. Products you used to maintain straight hair will do nothing for your curly hair. Curly hair is special and has different needs. The best products for curly hair are made with vegetable and fruit based ingredients and contain water. Quality products are free from harsh chemicals linked to medical ailments. Stay away from products that claim to moisturize but are laced with drying alcohols such as; Ethanol, SD Alcohol, Propyl, and Isopropyl. Instead look for Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol which are beneficial for hair and add moisture. You should also avoid sulfates which strip the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Read about ingredients I use to maximize the moisture retention here.

Shrinkage Isn't The Devil, Dryness Is

Curly hair is dry, really dry and the tighter the curl, the dryer the hair. At some point you will struggle with maintaining moisturized hair and that is normal. As a girl with curls, your biggest job is to maintain moisturized curls. To combat dryness you need hair products that are formulated with ingredients that add moisture. To keep your hair from drying out moisturize your curls every other day or nightly as needed. Layer your moisturizing products such as Knotty Nectar Leave-In Conditioner and Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer and lock in the moisture with a light coating of oil, try the Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil. You should always sleep on silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase and avoid cotton like a bad ex boyfriend. Moisturized healthy hair not only looks better, it is easier to maintain and it breaks less frequently.

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