20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

Going natural was an impromptu decision. I watched YouTube failed at every attempt to recreate the styles. When I realized my hair wouldn't curl due to heat damage I knew it was time to big chop. So, I picked up the phone, made an appointment and big chopped the next day. The only problem, I had no idea how to maintain my hair. I had no products and no hair care routine.

 Here's what I wish I knew before going natural.

  1. Your texture will change as you cut off any relaxed hair and due to hormones
  2. You will have different textures in your head, focus on the dominate texture
  3. Shrinkage is real and your hair can shrink 3 - 4 times its length.
  4. Detangling is necessary to prevent your hair from matting and single strand knots
  5. Hair retention is more important than growth
  6. It takes time to master techniques (even simple ones)
  7. Moisturize daily or every other day
  8. Moisture starts with water not oil
  9. Pick 3 styles to start with and master. I suggest a twist-out, afro puff and high bun (for bad hair days)
  10. Wash 'n go's are deceiving. It's actually a wash, moisturize, style then go.
  11. Create a consistent healthy hair routine and stick to it. It will save you time, money and bad hair days.
  12. Your family and friends will judge you. Don't let it bother you. One day they will ask you for hair tips.
  13. Enjoy watching your fave YouTuber but find some with a similar texture to yours.
  14. Don't compare your REAL hair to FAKE hair pics. Many natural hair pics you see are wigs, crochet braids or extensions.
  15. Use heat sparingly and always use it on a low setting, heat damage is not reversible.
  16. Everything isn't for everyone, find what works for you and run with it.
  17. Less is more, more product doesn't mean more moisture (see step 9), it means more buildup.
  18. Good hair is HEALTHY hair
  19. Be patient, it takes time to see results
  20. No matter if your hair is natural, relaxed, or in extensions it takes time and care to maintain your hair.

What did you wish you knew before going natural? Share you tips in the comments below. If you know a newly natural, share this list with them to save them a few tears. 



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