Natural Hair Trends 2017

    Every year new trends pop up and old trends refuse to die. As we step into a new year there are several natural hair trends that we all need to kiss goodbye. Many of these trends we have all fallen victim to (no judgement here), and others that get the serious side eye. Here are 5 trends to leave in 2017. 

  • 5 Winter Haircare Tips You Need To Know

    Winter Haircare Tips For Curly Hair - CurlCollection

    Baby, it's cold outside! As winter creeps in it's time to make a few essential changes to your curly hair care routine to protect it from damage. These simple tricks will help you maintain healthy natural hair this season.

  • 5 Things You Need To Know Before Going Natural

    5 Things To Know Before Going Natural

    As a newbie learning to care for your naturally curly hair can be confusing. Your emotions can go from excitement about a new style to frustration because your hair isn't cooperating. Don't let the frustration consume you. Get a jump start on your journey to loving your natural hair by avoiding these common myths and mistakes.

  • Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products

    There is nothing attractive about having a body full of poison. Toxins are everywhere. They are hidden in your food, beverages as well as your beauty and personal care products. These synthetic chemicals that do more harm than good and are absorbed into your body slowly increasing the toxicity of the most important thing you own...you. 

    Knowing what to avoid will transform you and your shopping habits.

  • The Dirty Little Secret About Hair Typing

    Curl Typing

    Your curl texture is only one piece of the puzzle. Your hair type alone is not as important as your Curl ID.  While knowing your hair texture is important it doesn't provide you with insight into the detailed behaviors of your curls. To truly understand your texture you must dig deeper.

  • Decoding Your Curl Pattern


    What's your hair type? This is one of the most common questions asked to women with curly hair. Understanding your hair helps guide you to the best hair care, styles, and products. Learn which hair type you are and how to care for your natural hair.

  • Autumn Care For Curly Hair

    Autumn Care For Naturally Curly Hair

    Cool weather and dry air makes your hair lose moisture quickly making it dry and brittle which leads to breakage. Autumn is the perfect time to change your hair care regimen. Add these techniques for less breakage and more hair retention.

  • New Hair New Beginnings

    As women we usually cut our hair as we enter new stages in life. The decision to cut your hair is an opportunity for a new beginning. Add to this new chapter of your life by scheduling your haircuts to coincide with a full moon. Full moons signify a period of change and release of dead weight (in this case ends).

  • Workouts To Keep Your Hair & Body In Shape

    Healthy hair starts from within and exercise is essential to maintaining a head of lush curls. Spice up your workout regimen by incorporating these activities to keep your hair & body in optimum shape.

  • Nadja's Story - Love Uncensored

     I am a daughter, mother, partner, friend, and owner of Curl Collection. I’m a little sassy and I say naughty words more frequently than I’d like to admit. Most importantly I am a woman. A woman who has gone from comparing myself to others and criticizing everything about myself to a woman who is comfortable just being me and no longer feels threatened by the beauty of another woman. It's taken me a lifetime to embrace who I am and love the skin I'm in. 

  • Fall In Love With Your Big Chop

    The big chop is cutting off all of your hair and starting over. It's exciting, bold and a bit scary. Women use hair as a measure of femininity and beauty and making a drastic change can make us feel unattractive. Feeling attractive after the big chop is challenging but with these tips you'll chop with confidence. 

  • Kiss Split Ends Goodbye

    It's no secret that split ends, particularly strand knots, go hand in hand with naturally curly hair. But, does it have to? Is it possible to have to have a head of lush curls without those annoying knots? Trade in knotty for naughty with these secrets

  • Curly Hair Mistakes To Avoid

    We've spoke with women with different hair concerns, textures, and experiences and discovered most women make the same curly hair mistakes at some point in their journey. We're sharing with you the top curly hair mistakes to avoid so you can treat your curls with love.

  • Make Him Fall In Love With Your Naturally Curly Hair

    Making the transition from straight hair to embracing your naturally curly texture can be an emotional period. You can go from being excited to nervous about how to afraid of how your friends, family, and your bae will respond. Cast your fears aside while we share our secrets for making him fall in love with your curls.