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  • Wash Day with FEMME NOIRE

    It's summer and twist out's are fighting a loosing battle against the heat & humidity. That means wash n' go styles are bae. Peek at how Christina slays her wash n' go...

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  • Protect Your Natural Hair While Swimming

    Summer has officially arrived, the pool is open and the beach is calling. Before you put on your sexy swimwear take a few moments to protect your hair from the chlorine or...

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  • Sounds of Summer

    Whether if you listen during a self-care session, while styling your hair, or to set the mood I promise this playlist will be the soundtrack of your summer.

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  • Spring Rituals For A Fresh Start

    Spring is officially in the air as yesterday marked the vernal equinox, also known as the first day of spring. Spring is a time of rebirth. Celebrate the transition to spring...

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  • You Don't Need Permission

    Whose permission do you need? Whose approval do you need before you decide to make a choice or change in your life? The answer is be simple...yours. You don't need permission...

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