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    3 Ways To Stop Split Ends in Curly Hair

    Your hair is your glory and you want it to look its best! We all know the feeling of intense frustration when we see split ends and knots. They get so annoying that we feel the urge to rip them out, but you can stop them for good. All it takes are three simple steps: 

  • Woman with natural hair oiling her scalp for a scalp massage.

    Are you using too much oil on your scalp?

    Are there white, scaly flakes falling on your shirt? Is your hair becoming sticky? Then you might be using too much oil? Here are the two signs you should watch out for to prevent over oiling your scalp. 

  • Easter Hair Style for Natural Hair

    Easter Hair Style for Natural Hair

    Looking for a cute Easter style for your natural hair? I've got you covered, no flat iron required! 

  • Simplify Your Hair Care

    Simplify Your Hair Care

    Natural hair has a bad reputation. People think it's hard to manage, time consuming and expensive. That's just not true. It's only hard to manage if you were never taught how. Naturally curly hair takes the same time investment as straight hair and it's less expensive than relaxers and weaves. Natural hair is can be simple and fun.

    In order to have the best experience you need a few things in place.

  • Hair Growth Challenge

    Hair Growth Challenge

    Are you struggling with growing your hair? Have your edges been snatched? Look, there is no judgement here, I have been there before. I lost my hair twice one from a bad weave experience and once from neglect. Both times I grew my hair back and you can too. I want to share with you my method for growing your hair long, strong, and healthy! Oh, and did I mention it costs you nothing to participate. It's absolutely FREE!

  • Love Your Naturally Curly Hair

    Love Your Naturally Curly Hair - FEMMENOIRE

    I'm going to be honest with you. Curly hair is the BEST hair, period. Some people will have you believe something different. They'll tell you natural hair is ugly, nappy, kinky blah blah blah. But, people always put down what they don't understand. Naturally curly hair is beautiful.

    Let's explore 5 ways to love your hair.